The County Health Rankings and Roadmaps  has released their 5th year of data by county across the United States that measures vital health factors.  The data they provide has provided the groundwork for many of EHC’s initiatives and programs including Diabetes, Pre-diabetes, COPD and community health.  Where does your county rank?  What can you do to help improve the health of your community?

Advocating Value and Innovation in Healthcare by way of these Key Actions:

  • Representing Employers in Negotiations for the Highest Quality Healthcare at the Lowest Possible Cost
  • Promoting Transparency in Healthcare Costs and Quality
  • Providing Educational Opportunities Across all Levels of Coalition Membership
  • Providing a Vehicle for Employers to Exchange Ideas & Information about Healthcare

The Mission of Employers' Health Coalition is to arrange and promote programs and activities designed to benefit employer/employee provided health care; to promote access to and information about quality healthcare thereby enhancing the general health of the community.


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